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Learning from home



Office hours

Our front office is open solely for phone calls between 8:30am and 3:30pm. Parents are not permitted on site, except for the collection and return of learning packs. All on-site meetings are cancelled. Any rescheduling or meetings will be organised upon resumption of normal school operations.



Non-essential visitors are not permitted on school sites.

Parents and carers must follow their school’s advice regarding changes to student drop off and pick up. This includes staying in the car when dropping off and picking up children if it is safe to do so. This does not apply to drop off and pick up from outside of school hours care (OOSHC) as sign in and out procedures are required.

Parents should:

  • remain outside of school grounds (some exceptions may exist re SSP, vulnerable students or students with disability) 

  • adhere to mask-wearing requirements and sign in using the Service NSW QR code when entering the school.

For more information about travelling to school safely, refer to the guide for student drop-offs and pick-ups.


Masks and face coverings

While at school, masks or face coverings are required in all indoor settings for all students in Year 7 and above.


Under the public health order, a "fitted face covering" means a mask or other covering that

  1. fits securely around the face, and
  2. is designed or made to be worn over the nose and mouth to provide the wearer with protection against infection.

When you wear a mask you must make sure that it is covering both your nose and your mouth.

Single-use and reusable cloth masks both help to prevent the spread of COVID-19, if used correctly. Scarfs and bandanas are not considered a “fitted face covering” under the public health order.

Face shields 

Face shields are not a substitute for face masks however people who are unable to wear a mask may find it easier to wear a face shield. 

If this is the case for you, ensure the face shield covers the sides of your face and below the chin.

Clean and disinfect reusable face shields after each use. 

Wear disposable face shields only once. 


Student absences

Parents do not need to provide explanations for student absences during lockdown. Any student not attending school is recorded in our attendance system as being in 'flexible attendance'. This means their absences will not affect their overall attendance.


Digital learning

At our school, we use Google Classroom. For students who have access to the internet and online learning tools, teachers will regularly add learning materials and tasks to their Google Classroom for students to complete at home.

All students have Google Classroom codes for each of their classes. To access these codes, please visit the relevant links below:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Year 10 Year 11 Year 12


Responsible and ethical online users

Refer to the following resources to support your children in being responsible online users:


Learning packs

If students are unable to access the internet and online learning tools, staff will compile learning packs (consisting of learning materials and tasks) for parents/carers to collect from the school.

The learning packs will be for one week of learning and will be available for collection between 10:00am and 3:00pm every Wednesday. Parents/carers are only permitted on school site to collect learning packs.

The learning packs will be clearly labelled by Year group, on a table outside the administration office.

When students complete their learning packs, they must be returned to school for checking. It is expected that returned learning packs are clearly labelled in the original envelope with the following details:

  • the student's name,
  • their grade,
  • the subjects or courses contained in the envelope,
  • the teacher's name for each subject or course contained in the envelope.

For example:

Lisa Jones

Year 8

English - Mrs Hope

Maths - Ms McKee

Science - Mr Smith

Returned envelopes are to be placed in the tub labelled 'Returned learning packs'.