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Year 8


  • Year Advisor: Ms. Butler
  • Year Advisor: Mr. Caesar


Google classroom codes

Please see the google classroom codes for all Year 8 classes.


06 August, 2021

2022-2023 subject selection

Please download and read through the 2022-2023 subject selection handbook. It is important that students pay careful attention to the requirements of their subject selection as explained in the handbook.

Timeline of subject selection events:

06 August:

  • Students receive a hard copy of the 2022-2023 subject selection handbook
  • Students' parents/carers receive access to a soft copy of the 2022-2023 subject selection handbook.
  • Students receive login and password details to access the online subject selection form in their education email account.
  • Subject selection is now open to students.

13 August:

  • Subject selection will close at 3:18 pm.

20 August:

  • By this date, students will be informed of their selections.
  • Some subjects won't be able to run in 2022 if there is not enough demand for them. As such, some students will have to re-select a different subject from the ones that can run by this date.

27 August:

  • By this date, students will be informed of their final selections.


Equipment and stationery list

Please download the equipment and stationery list so your child is prepared for all their subjects.


Year 8 yearly overview

Please download the Year 8 yearly overview so you know what your child will be learning in each subject.