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Year 10


  • Year Advisor: Mr. Doyle
  • Year Advisor: Mrs. White


Google classroom codes

Please see the google classroom codes for Year 10 classes.


21 July, 2021

Student Interviews for Senior Subject Selections

The school will be conducting interviews with students regarding their Senior Subject Selections. Pupils have been given the Final Line Selection sheet for this. Due to Covid restrictions Parents will not be able to attend, however they will be contacted by phone at the time listed below (if these times are not suitable please feel free to contact the school and arrange an alternative time at recess, lunch or after school).

The interviews will be conducted by the Careers Adviser and Year Advisers. Future post-school options and subject suitability will be discussed during the interviews.

DATES: Monday 26th and Thursday 29th July. Student interviews will be conducted in the Careers Office and the ILC room. For more information, please contact Declan Horan, Careers Adviser on 6652 1077.


HSC subject selection

HSC subject selection handbook

HSC subject selection evening letter


HSC subject selection timeline:

1 June:

  • Students will be issued with the HSC subject selection handbook.
  • Students will be issued with the HSC subject selection evening letter.
  • Parents/carers emailed link to HSC subject selection handbook and letter

7 June:

  • HSC subject selection evening for parents/carers and students to learn more about HSC courses from teachers
  • Students receive their logins and passwords on this evening for HSC subject selection
  • Online HSC subject selection open

8 June:

  • Students participate in taster lessons day where they have a taste of different HSC courses taught by HSC teachers

11 June:

  • Online HSC subject selection closed

22 - 24 June:

  • Careers Advisor and Year Advisor interviews with students regarding course selections


Equipment and stationery list

Please download the equipment and stationery list so your child is prepared for all their subjects.


Year 10 yearly overview

Please download the Year 10 yearly overview so you know what your child will be learning in each subject.