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Parents: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

If you have a question that is not featured on our FAQ page, please complete our parents and carers FAQ form and we will provide an answer on the FAQ page.




Am I supposed to teach my child(ren)?

No. Please read our parents and carers guide to remote learning to understand your role and responsibilities when your child is learning from home.


Question: What are my responsibilities as a parent or carer in this situation?

Please read our parents and carers guide to remote learning. If your question is not addressed here, please send us your question for answering.


Question: How will I know when my child(ren) needs to complete work and for which subjects?

From Monday, 30th March, teachers and students will follow their usual at-school timetable. The period times are as follows:

  • Period 1: 9:12 - 10:02
  • Period 2: 10:02 - 10:52
  • Period 3: 11:25 - 12:15
  • Period 4: 12:15 - 1:05
  • Period 5: 1:38 - 2:28
  • Period 6: 2:28 - 3:18

We run our timetable on a fortnightly cycle. This means we have a 'week A' and a 'week B' which have different classes at different times. Students need to know which week we are in:

  • Term 1, week 10A begins Monday, 30th March
  • Term 1, week 11B begins Monday, 6th April
  • Term 2, week 1A begins Tuesday, 28th April
  • Term 2, week 2B begins Monday, 4th May
  • Term 2, week 3A begins Monday, 11th May
  • Term 2, week 4B begins Monday, 18th May
  • Term 2, week 5A begins Monday, 25th May
  • Term 2, week 6B begins Monday, 1st June
  • Term 2, week 7A begins Monday, 8th June
  • Term 2, week 8B begins Monday, 15th June
  • Term 2, week 9A begins Monday, 22nd June
  • Term 2, week 10B begins Monday, 29th June

This means that students are expected to log into their Google classroom, engage with the learning material provided, ask questions of their teacher, and complete and submit any set tasks.


Question: My child(ren) has finished their work before the end of the period. Why and what do they do then?

Some learning experiences may not take your child(ren) the full 50 minutes to complete. We are aiming for quality over quantity. A 50 minute period at school is for a teacher to teach a maximum of 30 students at one time, so it would not be unusual if your child(ren) finishes before the allotted period ends.

If they finish before the end of the period time, it is an opportunity for them to further explore the content or topic they are learning beyond the minimum the teacher has set, take a break, do some exercise or physical activity, communicate with friends appropriately, complete some chores or undertake a relaxing activity or hobby until the beginning of their next period.


Question: Why does my child have to wait until the beginning of each period to do their work; why can't they just complete all of it at once?

We want to continue a routine and structured approach to learning with which our students are familiar to provide continuity, consistancy, and normalcy. By doing this, it is clear for you and your child(ren) when they can engage with their teacher and by when they are expected to complete tasks. Teachers will be following their at-school timetable. This means they will be working with one class at any particular period or time, meaning they are not available to work with other classes.


Access, technology and snail mail


Question: How does my child(ren) access Google classroom?

American teacher, Andrew Mader, created this excellent parents' guide to Google classroom.


Question: We only have one PC between two or more children, how can I ensure they continue learning?

We understand that some families have one PC available to multiple children which makes completing work tricky. In this instance, we understand that some students won't be able to complete the task at the usual timetabled time, so they can complete the task prior to the next morning. The teacher will check the following morning that the task has been completed and provide feedback where applicable.


Question: We don't have access to a computer and/or internet, how can I ensure my child(ren) continues their learning?

Some students require hard copy learning materials. Parents/carers are to phone the school on 6652 1077, provide their name, their child(ren)'s name and their grade(s). The administration staff will email the student(s)' teachers who will then organise and collate a significant amount of work.

Teachers will deliver the materials to the administration staff, who will contact you when all learning materials have been packaged for all or most subjects. You can either pick up the learning package or the administration staff can organise for it to be posted.


Attendance recording and roll marking


Question: how will attendance recording/roll marking be done if my child(ren) are completing their learning online?

Attendance will be recorded when students complete, or attempt to complete, and submit the set tasks given to them by teachers.

Teachers will check each student has completed, or attempted to complete, the learning task and will then mark the student as 'present', that is, that they have attended the lesson.

Some students won't be able to complete the task at the usual timetabled time, so they can complete the task prior to the next morning. The teacher will check the following morning that the task has been completed and mark the student as 'present'.


Question: how will attendance recording/roll marking be done if my child(ren) is receiving hard copies of learning materials?

Students who require hard copy learning materials will be marked as 'flexible' on Sentral until the work has been returned to the teacher and the teacher can verify they have completed/attempted the work sent to them, then their attendance will be recorded as present.




Question: How will assessments be conducted?

Assessment is a way we gain valuable information about our students' knowledge, skills and understandings, as well as transference of these to new and unfamiliar tasks. Therefore, formative and summative assessment will continue.

Some assessments will require modification, taking into account the current guidelines and practices to ensure sound health and safety. If this is the case, teachers will develop alternative ways to effectively assess students.

Any current assessments (i.e. any due from term 1, week 8 to the end of term) will require extensions, modifications, estimations or postponement if assessments have been due in this current state of flux. 

Thereafter, the current assessment schedules for 7-12 will remain largely unchanged, unless there are unforeseen concerns we cannot predict at this time.




Question: will the HSC go ahead?

As of 24th March, NESA stated the HSC is going ahead




Question: will NAPLAN go ahead?

No. NAPLAN has been cancelled for 2020.